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  We strive to find the optimal solution for your needs, be it you need a desktop application, client-server warehousing system or a web-based e-business application. In order to achieve this we put a lot of effort in the planning phase and try to discuss each aspect of the future product with our clients. Through our experience we can guide and help you make the best choice for your business and achieve your goals completely with minimal costs. Our policy towards the client is to be open and sincere and provide maximal transparency of the development process with weekly reports on the progress of work. Our prices are computed as a product of the time and effort needed to complete the project and under the client's desired schedule.
  Whenever any of the ready solutions we offer does not qualify for your needs or you think you would like to have some of these extended in a way that will best represent the personality of your business we would be glad to hear that and offer you proper solution. We not only offer the planning and implementation of software solutions but also will help you choose the hardware and infrastructure needed to get the solution to life and support you in the phases of learning and working with the finished product. Don't hesitate to contact us and state your visions and we will advise you how these can come true.
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